At Joseph Bernard, LLC our philosophy is to serve all of our clients needs to help them achieve their investment real estate goals, regardless of their portfolio size. We work with both seasoned and first time investors who are buying real estate, selling real estate, as well as holding their properties. Since 2009, we have continued to complete more transactions each year than any other Oregon firm. We believe that our dominant market presence is due to our unwavering dedication to serving our clients with the best brokerage and wealth building services in Oregon, Washington and Arizona. Clients can also take advantage of our extensive resources of relationships with our core clients, brokers, and other professionals in the marketplace. This helps to create and assist transactions that are otherwise unknown to the rest of the market. Experience the difference of a superior quality real estate firm that is here serving your needs and working for you.

Apartment Brokerage

We focus solely on multifamily apartments in Oregon, Washington, and Arizona, and hold ourselves to the highest standards in brokerage services. Apartment transactions can be complex and vary greatly from residential and other commercial transactions, so hiring the right broker to represent you with selling and purchasing apartments is essential. Our brokers are experts in contract negotiations, deal structuring, and due diligence process to ensure your transaction runs as smoothly and successfully as possible. Since we focus on the long-term wealth building process, our clients are assured we serve as non-biased advisors to best serve their interests.

Pre-Sale Analysis

Clients can take advantage of our extensive knowledge with the changing market conditions per submarket to correctly evaluate property values based on the income approach, which is the same method that lenders and appraisers will use. We provide a full detailed property analysis of your apartments to help you understand the real market value. This analysis will help you strategically move, hold, or disburse your equity into better performing properties at key times to create the most successful portfolio possible.

Asset Management

We help investors maximize their property portfolio value after the purchase by consulting on ways to increase income and minimize expenses while working towards their exit strategy. We provide a full investment wealth building analysis for owners to evaluate where the best use of their equity is served through wealth generation while protecting their asset equity.

1031 Exchanges

At Joseph Bernard Investment Real Estate we understand that Tax Deferred 1031 Exchanges can be very stressful. Our knowledge of the apartment market and federal tax guidelines helps clients evaluate properties quickly and efficiently. We utilize both forward and reverse exchanges in strategy to have a successful, smooth transaction. Our deep client relationships can help find a property that is unknown to the rest of the market to complete your exchange.

Self-Directed IRA

Using a Self-Directed IRA puts you in control over your retirement savings in a way that has been around for many years, but has recently become more popular. The Self-Directed IRA creates a way for you to tap into funds from your retirement account to invest in real estate, as well as other venues, using a "checkbook" to make purchases. We invite you to utilize Joseph Bernard, LLC as your expert with this process and to find the right apartments with this emerging and growing trend among investors.

Property Clinic

Joseph Bernard Investment Real Estate provides superior service in creating wealth for clients not only through brokerage services but also through property performance consultations. Most real estate brokers disappear after the transaction closes, but our firm has created a system for assisting owners of investment properties after the deal is completed. Our Property Clinic consultations are designed to help owners maximize their wealth and sustain a high level of operation during ownership. We encourage you to use us as a valuable resource.